Design Innovations Centre

1. Strengthening design education

The tasks and actions provided for in 1st priority area Strengthening Design Education are aimed at increasing the literacy of all citizens of the country in design area and promoting the culture of studying design at all levels of the education system. The proposed actions are focused on both the improvement of design supply (i.e. quality preparation of design specialists and creating opportunities for design specialists and educators to improve their competence) and increase of design demand in the long-term perspective (i.e. increasing awareness of the benefit and value created by design among children and youth, treating them as potential users of design products and services, also, the organization of design trainings for heads of companies).  

In order to create design-based innovation, design specialists competitive at the global level are necessary for enterprises and public sector of the country. Given the opinion of representatives of the design sector, a special attention in the preparation of design specialists should be devoted to both the update and enhancement of study and R&D infrastructure, improvement of study programmes (by strengthening economic knowledge of students, their skills in working with specialists from other fields as well as perception of the global market trends) and student career planning. Schools of higher education need to strengthen their cooperation, initiate and implement interdisciplinary projects (for example, study programmes, practices, etc.), which would interconnect the disciplines of design, technology and management. Inclusion of innovative businesses as potential employers and examples of “good business practice” should be enhanced in the process of the preparation of students (by inviting business representatives to give lectures, participate in the evaluation of theses, performance of internships, introducing career opportunities to students, etc.). 

More active involvement of design associations is recommended in the implementation of actions provided for in Area 1, thus strengthening their role and using the competences held.