Limited amount of places in the student dormitory is available for incoming exchange students and international full-time students of Vilnius Academy of Arts. Help in finding apartments rented from individuals is provided. Contact the International Office of VAA. 

Average cost of living per month 

(accommodation, means of subsistence, books, entertainment etc.) 

600-700 Euro (if the accommodation is not in the dormitory) 
400-500 Euro (if the accommodation is in VAA dormitory)


The dormitory of Vilnius Academy of Arts is located right at the heart of the old town of Vilnius at Latako st. 2.
A limitted number of rooms in it are assigned to exchange students.
The building is divided in two parts: the dormitory and the hostel. The room quality slightly differs and the price for the rent is set according to that.
The dormitory has wi-fi available on the premises and the costs of the utilities are included in the price of the rent.

The available options are:

  • Double rooms in the dormitory part. Renting a bed in such a room costs 95 Eur per month.
  • Single rooms in the dormitory part. The rent costs 120 Eur per month.
  • Three-bed rooms in hte hostel part. Renting a bed in such a room costs 125 Eur per month.
  • Double rooms in the hostel part. Renting a bed in such a room costs 150 Eur per month.
  • Single rooms in the hostel part. The rent costs 185 Eur per month.


International Relations Office

Maironio st. 6, Vilnius, 335 room

General information
+370 5 2105 463

Head Ieva Skauronė
Coordinator Vygintas Orlovas